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09 November 2030 @ 11:42 pm
This journal is now offically..FRIENDS ONLY!! Most of it will be my daiily ramblings...But I might post some things that I don't want others to see ^.^ Please leave a comment for me to add you ^_^

Give me a reason to add you. If you're nice and you can make me laugh AND we have some things in common, COMMENT AWAY!

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19 December 2006 @ 04:22 pm
Seeing as I'm too busy to write in this often; I figure what's the point of posting in it? Wouldn't be surprised if this post went ignored like most of my other ones. But whatever. That's just my cranky side talking. I have decided to become a mole and just work, seeing as mother dearest isn't happy with my latest report card.

C+ in gym...Man I love Johnston.
A in french; hah I'm surprised!
A in CAPP; anyone can get an A in that.
B in Math; surprised. I thought I would get an F
B in Science; again another surprise.
B in Humanities; gawd I just love Midegly.

Yea. Anyway. Bye everyone.

PS: Thankies to Kudan-chan for the kawaii X-mas card! I squeeled when I found it hidden beneath the bills and junk mail =] The only highlight of my day when report cards came home come to think of it.

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